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BLS Sample AHA Card

BLS is the Gold Staple Course for anyone looking to learn CPR. This course covers Adult, Child and Infant Resuscitation, AED and Choking.  There is no Pre Course for BLS.  BLS is a prerequisite to ACLS and PALS.  

ACLS Sample provider Card

ACLS is for clinicians who practice in a hospital setting.  This course covers all AHA algorithms, including Acute Coronary Syndrome, Stroke, & ROSC.  A Mandatory Pre Test & an unexpired BLS card is Required to take this course. 

PALS ECard Sample

PALS is for clinicians who work with babies and children.  All of our courses follow AHA guidelines for Team Based Resuscitation.  A Mandatory Pre Test and an unexpired BLS card is Required for this course.  

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