ACLS Online Review

If you're that person who dreads ACLS Class Day - Enroll in this Online Review.  Get the jitters out - Learn the concepts - and Master Megacode. 

ACLS Online Review

Fun and Easy

This course is designed to make learning fun and Easy.  We don't skim over the most important stuff, but we trim the fat to make it Easy as Elmo Play.  Then we sprinkle a bit of personality on the concepts to make it ridiculously fun!  We want you to relax, take notes if you like and Enjoy this Course! 

Systematic Approach

Learn exactly what to when you get a new patient.  Apply basic concepts learned in this course to up your patient care experience.  We know this course will help you crush the exam. Above that, you will be stronger during patient care! 


How in the world does the AHA and Hospital Protocols expect us to keep up?  If you feel like this, we are right there with you. That's exactly why we spoon feed you concepts to make it so easy, you will wonder why you thought it was ever difficult.  

Instructor message!

It is a complete pleasure to deliver education to Healthcare Pro's!  As an AHA Instructor since 2016, I've seen the biggest Pain Points.  EkG analysis and understanding the approach.  Most of us are brilliantly smart and college educated.  But when it comes to ACLS, we spaz! ðŸĪŠ Trust me, I get it... I've been there too! By constantly teaching, I've learned what works.  So, I've packed the most beneficial concepts and tips into this course, sure to help you crush the ACLS Exam.  My hope for anyone taking this course is to gain Confidence - Crush the exam - and become an Advanced Provider!  Thank you! 

Lead Instructor
Cher Hamilton, BS, RRT
AHA Instructor
Who this is For?

Anyone urgently wanting to level up their ACLS Skills. This course is highly beneficial to those with failed attempts in ACLS and have trouble working through the Pre Self Assessment.  Designed for the beginner (less than 5 years) and intermediate learner (5-10 years experience). High level practitioners may gain jewels, but it is richly packed for beginners and intermediate practitioners.  Current Review Renew ACLS Students already have access and should not enroll here. If you enrolled already, contact us...we will get you on track! 

What about the American Heart Association Pre Self Assessment?

This does not replace the American Heart Association Pre Self Assessment (PSA).  Once you Enroll - Learn and Practice you are better equipped to handle the Pre Self Assessment too.  The PSA is mandatory and free.  Access PSA now!  

HOw Long do I get Access

Continued access for 90 days! Start studying today. Book your course whenever you are ready for class 

Packed with

Video - PDF's and Practice Questions! 

Video Lessons

Our videos are not professionally produced.  Videos are done in house to maintain an emphasis on important concepts.  

  • Sit Back and Listen
  • Take notes if you like! 
  • Gain Understanding!

PDF Worksheets

Downloadable worksheets to continue building and practicing what you've learned from review and practice.  To get started, download your AHA Pre Course Checklist. * This course does not replace your Mandatory Pre - Self Assessment, but it will help you get through it tremendously!

Practice Questions

Questions and Answers build you up.  We don't believe in question overwhelm to ignite learning.  Our questions are deliberate and used to reinforce concepts you must know.  

100% Legit

What our clients are saying


Cher is awesome, knowledgeable and  made this class a pleasure.  You come out very confident. 

Dr. Joseph S. 



I learned so much from Cher during my ACLS training. She is dedicated and passionate about teaching and understanding the material. I had a wonderful experience! 

Van C. 



Cheryna is an amazing and thoughtful instructor. She is kind and attentive. She explains and repeats concepts that were obscure to those who are rusty like me. She's definitely my to-go renewal source from now on. I highly recommend her courses.

Harmel C. 


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This study is ACLS Prep and does not grant your ACLS Certificate.  



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If after studying with us, you don't improve your skills, we issue a  refund within 7 days after your purchase.  Ultimately, we want you to succeed.  Therefore, we will be here cheering you on, every step of the way.