ACLS Review & Practice

ACLS Review & Practice

Review Renew ACLS Test Prep Lectures

The Heart Block Review

Watch Before Class.  

 The Approach Review

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Algorithm  Review

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Pre Self Assessment Tip: 

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Practice Questions

Class Day Checklist

  • Mandatory Pre Couse Self Assessment - Renewal Students
  •  Mandatory Pre Course Self Assessment & Course Work - First Time Students
  •  Upload Self Assessment Certificates & Unexpired Cards
  •  Watch Lecture Video's for Test Prep
  • Bring your photo ID to class - Employee Badges accepted
Exam Details
  • You get 2 Attempts
  • 50 Multiple Choice Questions
  • You can only miss 8 questions for a score of 84%
  • You can only use your AHA Provider Manual for the exam
  • You will not be allowed in class without Mandatory Pre Course Self Assessment Certificate and Score Assessment! 

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