AHA Card Distribution Changes

Card Distribution Changes

Currently, the American Heart Association is restructuring how they distribute cards to Training Centers, and Instructors.  Amid these Changes, Review Renew wants everyone to beware, so you don’t fall into jeopardy of expiring. Continue reading to discover how you can avoid AHA Card Distribution Changes.

How to avoid being affected by card distribution changes.


  1. Know your expiration date!  Because when you know your expiration date, you are empowered to be proactive.  This leads me to our next point.
  2. Be Proactive!  Whenever we are aware of something, we can make better choices surrounding the issue.  So, if you know your card expiration date, now you get to do something!
  3. Have a backup!  Relying on corporate education alone is not good enough.  Because they offer Life Support Classes, doesn’t mean its convenient for you.  Ultimately, you end up waiting and fall into jeopardy.
  4. Choose Review Renew,  because we offer courses weekly.   Obviously, waiting until the last minute is never good.  So, plan ahead and get in class. In most cases, cards are delivered the exact course day!
  5. Share this info! Certainly, the more awareness surrounding a topic the better it is.  You and your peers are better off.  Whenever professional info is shared, everyone benefits.  So run tell this!

Lastly, you should know that it is the policy of the American Heart Association to provide certification cards within 20 days of your course.  Review Renew ACLS will continue to work on your behalf to have cards the day you take your course.  However, the entire purpose of this post is to notify everyone of the card distribution changes.  Certainly, we will always share info that’s in your best interest.