AHA Extension for Renewals

AHA Extension for Renewals

Review Renew ACLS is sharing this outline of renewal extensions directly from the AHA.  Amid COVID-19, the AHA has extended renewal dates. See the chart below, check your expiration dates, and schedule your class today!

We always follow AHA Guidelines!  Therefore, when you come to class we will excuse 120 days of your expiration date.  Using the chart below is helpful to determine exactly when you should renew. 

covid renewal extension dates

Currently, we are continually operating with COVID -19 precautions for anyone who wants to stay on track to avoid mishaps.  New Certification courses are also being held daily. 

In addition to this, we are going all out to keep everyone Safe!  So, we encourage you to wear a mask and bring your own hand sanitizer.  We keep everyone distanced with reduced class sizes. We also wear our masks and sanitize everything.   

A Gift for you! (Respiratory Therapists)

Lastly, we want to remind our Respiratory Therapists that Courses are available right here for Continuing Education Hours. These courses are approved by the Florida Board of Respiratory Care.  Laws and Rules a mandatory course is there too.  Take advantage of your downtime and get this done.  It was made especially for you and you know its Painless!  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So go Grab your 2 mandatory hours.  My Gift to you! 


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