August 14

BLS Instructor


BLS Instructor

PALS Renewal

This class is ideal for anyone looking to start a teaching business.  Utilizing American Heart Guidelines, learn all you need to adhere, develop and launch your very own Instructor Based Business.

When you join forces with Review Renew ACLS many resources become readily available to make this business transition a success.  Get Access to appropriate tools, course construction techniques, and supportive mentoring for six months.

As a BLS Instructor Candidate, you don't need any medical background.  However, you must hold an American Heart Association Basic Life Support Certification to become an instructor.  If you do not already hold a Basic Life Support Certification be prepared to pass that course during your journey to becoming an Instructor.

All Manuals Included

Please note additional costs come with being an instructor that goes beyond the costs of this course. For example, facility, manikins, alignment, etc.



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