Become an American Heart Association aligned BLS Instructor


  • Be Current (Have an unexpired BLS Card)
  • Become a Candidate (Complete a Simple Form)
  • Own your Provider & Instructor Manuals before Course Date
  • Enroll in an AHA Instructor's Course - Enroll Below
  • Complete the Instructor Essentials Course Online + In Class
  • Demonstrate Presentation Skills in a Monitored Session
  • Automatic Alignment with our Training Center
  • Obtain all Course Teaching Equipment and Supplies (AHA allows up to six months to obtain Teaching Materials)
Orlando CPR Training Site

TC Alignment: Prime Medical Knoxville, TN


  Once you become an American Heart Association Instructor, you become part of a huge Instructor Network.  The healthcare community rely on Instructors for certifications and employment compliance.  For this reason, when you join our Aligned Training Site, we ask that you join us in our Promise to K.E.E.P! At all times we Promise to lead with Kindness as we use our clinical Experience & Energetic spirit to deliver CRP courses with Professionalism! If you are down with're definitely a KEEP'er! 

Commit - Invest - Manage & Operate

  • Commitment

  • Investment

  • Manage & Operate

The Commitment

We don't skinny on the commitment.  Before you make the investment, you must decide to show up.  Joining forces with us means you will honor all schedules advertised.  Most of our people rely on us to stay compliant at work.  Once someone has enrolled in your class, you will not cancel that course, even if it's just one person.  You must commit to doing exactly what you promised you would do! 


Side Hustle - New Business

Whether you want to run a side hustle or open a new business, being a CPR Instructor is a great way to start.

Our CPR Instructors love helping others.  So, it makes sense to earn money doing what we already love!    

Schedule Freedom

Schedule classes to fit your availability.  

No Haggle Sales 

CPR classes add great value to our community.  People from various backgrounds look to certify with you.