Instructor Start Up

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Instructor's Candidate Application 

This application is for alignment with a Training Center.  You can not become an Independent Instructor without aligning with a Training Center.  Complete this form and upload it using the button at the bottom of this page.         

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Instructor Candidate Workbook

Download your Instructor Candidate Workbook.  Place it in a binder.  Answer all Quiz Questions within it. 

Order my Provider Manuals

It is required that all instructors own the latest Provider Manual for any discipline (BLS, ACLS, PALS) you teach.  If you do not have a Provider Manual use this section to order your 2020 AHA Provider Manuals.  You must show your Provider Manual on class day.  

BLS Course
AHA pre course Info
Instructor Manual

Purchase my Instructor Manuals

Your Instructor Manual is your guide to Facilitating courses.  You must have Instructor Manuals for each course you are teaching.   You will need your Instructor Manual to complete the Instructor Essentials Blended Online Course.  

Instructor Essentials 

This online Course must be completed before class day.  You will need your Instructor's Manual to Complete this Instructor Essentials Course.  When you are done, upload your Certificate with your All of your Instructor Docs.   

BLS, ACLS, and PALS Instructor Essentials Online is the self-directed, online portion of the BLS Instructor Essentials blended learning course. Course content covers steps for becoming an AHA Instructor and steps of the instruction cycle: Prepare, Teach, Test & Remediate, Close, and Keep Current. This course includes core information about instructing AHA BLS Provider courses, followed by course-specific information.