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Thanks to Friends at Leesburg Regional

Once in a while, you meet people and you just clique!  This is exactly what happened when I met Traci MaQuoid at Orlando Regional some years ago!  We hit it off in the ICU.  I’ll write about it sometime later because it really is a special story!   Today, I just want to give her a […]

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See you in Class!

You have Successfully Registered for a Renewal CourseThere is NO Refund for this CourseYou may reschedule this course within 90 days!See our Course Calendar Page!There a Pre-test for ACLS and PALS Course Entry Find it here: Access Pre TestAcess Code is: ACLS15  achieve 84% or greater.Access Code is: Pals15  achieve 84% or greater. Email Results to During Class You must demonstrate Skills and pass a 50 question […]

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