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We can't wait to see you in class.  We are glad you chose Review Renew ACLS, for your American Heart Association Certification.  Check your inbox for your receipt.  Your receipt will reflect your course date.   


This course does not cover your BLS/ACLS manual.  It is our recommendation you have your own copy, or borrow one from your employer.  Certianly we welcome you to download our Review.  It is made to focus on essential concepts and is in no way inteneded to replace your BLS/ACLS Manual.  There is a PRE-Test for ACLS!  The access code is found in the front of ACLS Manual.  ACLS15.   84% or above is acceptable.   To access the Pretest, go here!  

Course Starting Time is 1pm!  


Please bring a copy of your unexpired BLS Card a photo ID, your receipt and the PreTest with a score of 84% or better.  A copy of the AHA Manual is helpful.  Class Copies are limited.  


Be Florida Comfortable.  The most important thing is your ability in demonstrating proper rescue techniqes.  For this reason ensure your clothing are appropriate and comfortable.  


Cher Hamilton 


We understand things happen.  Please be kind and communicate any changes with your Instructor immediately.  Your purchase is good for 90days.   Failure to communicate will result in forfeitting this course.  

Locate Us! 

We are across the Street from UHAL and on the Opposite end of the Florida Blue Offices!  It's the end corner office on the Midway side. 

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