Provider Status

Update Your Provider status to become an Instructor

A provider is someone who has an unexpired Basic Life Support Certificate.  This means you have taken a BLS Class and remain current.  

If you have never taken a BLS course, you will need to complete a course before moving to the Instructor Essentials.  

Instructors Candidates who need a Provider Certificate should enroll in the Heartcode Online BLS Provider Class - $48.  See the button below.  You will get access within 24hrs. Upon completion of the Hearcode Online BLS Course you will receive a certificate. Upload your Certificate in place of the BLS Provider Certificate.  On Live Class day, you perform your BLS skills and receive a Provider Certificate.  

All Instructors must have a current Provider Manuals for any course you teach.  You may select an E Book or Hardcopy Manual. One or the other is fine.     

Ebooks & Heartcode online is delivered within 24 hrs.


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