The Instructor Essentials

The Instructor Essentials Course 

To complete the Instructor Essentials Course, you will do this in two parts.  

Instructor Essentials Online & Live In Class Monitoring Session  

You will need Your Instructor Manual to complete the Instructor Essential Online Portion. For your convenience, you can purchase your Instructor manuals below.  You will have access to your Instructor Essentials Online Portion within 48 hrs.

This amount covers everything you need to complete your Instructor Course. However it does not cover all costs associated with equipment purchasing.  Please see the complete Equipment list. In the resource section.

The AHA allows 6 months for Instructors to complete monitoring & obtain necessary equipment  to operate as an AHA Instructor.  We highly recommend you execute all parts within 30 days or less. You can totally do this! 


BLS Equipment List


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