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Initial Assessment
Learn what do during the beginning of a case.
Respiratory Arrest
Learn What to do during Respiratory Arrest
Cardiac Arrest
Learn Exactly what to do during Cardiac Arrest
Learn What to do with the AED
Choking Relief
Learn what to do whenever someone is choking
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    Respiratory Arrest

    You have a pulse, but the patient is not breathing. This is called Respiratory Arrest!  

    For this we give Rescue Breaths also called Ventilations. 

    Adults receive one breath every 6 seconds.

    Children & Infants receive one breath every 3 seconds.

    According to your text books there is a range, but the seconds stated above goes across patient scenarios, whereby in some cases, patients may have an advanced airway (Intubated).  

    Every 3 seconds for Child & Infants

    Every 6 seconds for Adults