​​​​COVID -19 Action Plan

COVID -19 Action Plan


Review Renew ACLS COVID -19

Review Renew ACLS -


The Situation: COVID-19

There is no shortage of online resources regarding COVID-19.  Simply put, this Bat Juice (COVID-19) has us by the balls. Of Course, I'm no virologist, but after listening and learning, it likely came from Bats.  So, we are all under house of rest, in an effort to preserve any inch of our Health Care System.  

It's always nice to be recognized, but health care people don't get sponsors, or big contracts to do our jobs.  We go into battle everyday to ensure others have better outcomes, and an improved quality of life.

However, we need our tools!  This is the Major Concern. Beds, Vents, PPE, and Public Compliance are all the Rave right now.   So we ask everyone to Join with us by spreading really good information that can actually be meaningful to preserving our system of Health Care System and potentially Save a Life.

See our list of Resources Above!   

All in all, we are on bended knees for the health of our Nation and the World!  

Feel free to add anything of value in our comments section below. 


  1. One Manikin Per Student / Sanitized pre and post
  2. No students who have traveled within 2 weeks
  3. All Students will be spaced at least 6 ft away
  4. Limited Class Sizes: 6 students per class
  5. Sanitize in and out 
  6. Skills / Challenge Testing Available
  7.  Sanitize Before and After Each Class 

Classes Weekly

Days:  Mon. Tue. Wed. Fri. 

Cost: $65 - $165


Website: www.reviewrenewacls.com


771 S. Kirkman Rd.

 Suite 110

Orlando, Fl. 32811

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