Crush ACLS

Ready to Crush ACLS

Are you ready to crush  ACLS? If so, you need to be aware of Advanced Cardiac Life Support Concepts and practice with questions. At Review Renew ACLS we provide this to help students prepare for the test.  This does not replace the American Heart Association Mandatory Self Assessment.  However, many students report the Review Renew ALS practice and questions help with the pretest.

Use this as a guide to help you understand what to expect and crush it on course day!

Basic Life Support

To be successful with ACLS, it is important to have a good understanding of the basics. To begin with, make sure you are familiar with the essential elements of Basic Life Support.  Basic Life Support is the Core of Advanced Life support classes. 

More importantly, Basic Life Support is the pre-requisite to Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).  This means you need a Basic Life Support Certification before attending an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Class.  If you are looking to certify in ACLS, but do not have a BLS Certification, enroll here! 

If you already have a BLS Certification, you are good to go!  To Review BLS Concepts Subscribe & View the BLS Playlist! 

2020 ACLS AHA Manual

The AHA Mandates each student has access to a Manual during and after the class.  In many cases corporate libraries are stocked to support staff. We offer Cours Manuals as a convenience to students.  We are not the Manufacture or Distributor.  This means whenever you purchase with us, prices tend to be higher.  However, if you are in a crunch and need a Manual, you may order and pick it up on course day.  


Many people cringe over the Heart Blocks.  Watch this video and Walk away with confidence!   This video was developed with love by answering question after question in class. Subscribe - Watch - we hope you really Like it! If so be sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel.    Bring your questions to class. We will get you on the right track!  Ultimately, you need to be able to identify heart blocks because heart blocks are all over the exam.  

 Systematic Approach

When it comes to the Systematic Approach, we consider this portion of ACLS as the most important part of working on Life Saving Team.  It is the Approach that allows clinicians to make clear judgement calls.  Early recognition is a critical component of improving outcomes.  Whenever you review this video, pay special attention to clinical values and memorize them.  You can not get away without knowing how to determine stability! 


 This lesson is designed to bring all the concepts together to help clinicians understand how to behave in different scenarios.  You will use this info in class during Megacode Stations, on the exam and more importantly in your day to day clinical practice.  Subscribe - Watch - Take notes if you like and get ready to crush your ACLS course.  We hope you will smash the like button if it helped.  

The Exam

The ACLS is a certification exam that is proctored by an American Heart Association (AHA) Instructor. This exam measures your knowledge of basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and advanced techniques.  As mentioned earlier, Blocks are all over the exam and so are other heart rhythms.  In addition to heart rhythms, there is pharmacology and advanced applications.  Students must be able to determine the best choice of treatment based on clinical presentations given in a paragraph.

To pass the exam, you need to score at least 84% or better on the test. This means you can only miss 8 questions on a 50 question test.  


The core of ACLS is focused on Basic Life Support. The section includes questions about how to perform BLS. Be sure to Brush up on your BLS Concepts. BLS Is the core of ACLS. You are expected to already know BLS Initial Assessment, Chest Compressions, and Ventilation requirements.

 Review Patient Assessment and analyzing your patient presentation to treat quickly. ACLS Techniques may be used before there is an Emergency. As a Healthcare Pro we should always monitor our patients to recognize potential emergencies to treat before insult occurs. The AHA calls this early recognition. (Review Video)

This information is a collection of Main topics covered during a Review Renew ACLS class lecture and is not intended to replace or compete with your AHA Manual.  However, we understand the human emphasis can not be replaced when it comes to teaching concepts.  

Review Renew ALCS is dedicated to brining a better understanding to mandatory publications. If you feel there is anything you are not certain about, contact us and bring your questions to class. 

Other Really Great ACLS Resources

AHA Supplemental Guide

A free resource offered by the American Heart Association inside of your E Learning Profile.  Many people miss the document, but we find it useful. For easy access use the button to download the guide.  

ACLS Rhythm Practice

This is not to replace the ACLS Pre Self Assessment.  Some find it nice to practice and learn the rhythms before attempting the Pre Self Assessment.