Determine a legit AHA Training Site

5 ways to determine an aligned AHA Training Site

Too often Nurses, and Healthcare Pro's come to class after paying for an illegitimate BLS course.  Many sites say all the right things. but they are not like us!  Successful Completion of our Course Guarantee's an AHA Certificate.  In most cases the same day.  

These days, it's not enough to be careful...You must be certain.  After all, it is your Profession you're entrusting us with.

5 ways to determine if a Training Class is an Official AHA Training Course.  

  1. The AHA Training Seal
  2. Call and Speak with a Live Representative
  3. Ask to see an Instructor Card
  4. Check the AHA Class Connector
  5. Seek Referrals before going it alone

1. The American Heart Association Training Seal

This is the official Seal of American Heart Association Instructors, Sites, and Training Centers.  A key feature to note is the Actual American Heart Association Logo.  We all know people can screen snippet and steal photo's so don't rely on this alone.  Although, this is a great start.  

Orlando CPR Training Site

2. Call and Speak with a Live Representative

Most Internet Scams are non Responsive to customers.  They have payment options, but no where for you to call them. That's a huge red flag.  Most American Heart Association Training Courses are run by real people.  Some are large enough to have customer service reps, but many of us answer our own phones.  So, whenever you call us, if we don't answer please leave a message. We will get right back with you.  


3. Ask for their Instructor Card.

American Heart Association Instructors all have Instructor Cards.  Look for the expiration date.  Now, this may not be something a school or Instructor is prepared to display, but it is a one sure way you are dealing with an AHA Instructor.  Of course...look for the AHA logo! You should be good with that!

stand in pict

4. Check the AHA Class Connector

The AHA Instructor Class Connector! Enter your zip code, and the AHA will refer you to a class nearby.  Now, you can rest assure your favorite CPR Business is there! See Review Renew ACLS on the AHA Class Connector and tell all of your Friends we are legit!  

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5. Check with Friends for Referrals

Friends who have gotten their certification can give you insight before you arrive to class. We love referrals, and rely on them more than any advertising strategy.  We hope you can find value and trust in Review Renew ACLS and send your friends. 

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