Fun Day at Leesburg

Fun Loving Day at Leesburg

From the moment I entered the building, to the time I returned to Orlando, the Love just poured all over me and I gave it right back. It is difficult to articulate how it feels because everyday, I'm running businesses without a TEAM!  You see, being a business owner can be very isolating when you're used to working on a team. So, I sincerely had to moderate my joy, because it felt so good to be with my People!  Thanks Team Leesburg

As a Respiratory Therapist, I love the connections, the bonds, and the families created throughout our journey.  Working in hospitals give me the same feeling I had as a kid when. I gre up roaming my neighborhood and could walk in any house to sit for dinner.  You know...the good old days.  Well, let me tell ya...the Leesburg team is full of GOOD OLD DAY MAKERS.  

Traci Maquoid, team leader and Review Renew ACLS Instructor escorted me in and off we went.  Into the department where I see Troy, the new "official" Manager. He has always run the joint, but recently made it official.  I'm so glad because, Troy is real.  It's hard to find a manager who believes in quality care and serving his employees at the same time.   Anytime you can find a manager who can blend the needs of the department while protecting the hospital its rare.  A Big hugs to Troy!  

 Merri Carter was there! Merri is just.... SAHWEET!  I don't know how else to put it! It was a real surprise to see her there too, because she was out for a while.  When she appeared from the other room we embraced, as we always do! What a great feeling.  There is so much Love between us.  I believe we connect right where the GOD string is!  IDK if that makes sense...just try to's GIRLMANCE!  LOL!  I'm always happy with Merri Carter around.  She is special! 

Of course, Ron (the hubby) sent the Banana Bread and the team dove in!! If you know about this stuff.. then you know.  I may be partial, but my guy does a bang up job! So, we held the doughnuts and he hooked us up.  Yummy! More hugs poured in. Lori is always nice and I like her style!  

Off we went to the classroom!  Where the team did exactly what the team needed to do to get certified.  It was nice to see Elizabeth, William, Frank, Kelli, and Bobbi Joe who I met for the first time, today.  She was very patient with me after her email failed.  Thanks for your patience Bobbi Jo! 

And then there is Wendy!  She is this creative RT who has moves like Jagger!  Seriously, I want her moves.  I discovered this on a Leesburg Girls outing last year.  We had a fantastic time and we need to do that again!  Wendy made in safely, and I was glad to see her... More HuGs! I'm telling you! 

Finally, there is Helen (RT) and Sandi (RN)!  Yes, they are the tenured, but watch out...they are sharp! They are well protected and respected.  Remember... I told you Troy is the Manager!  If anyone is looking for their next RT home go here to apply!  Be sure to tell them Cheryna sent you!  No bonus for me other than the thrill of helping out my peeps.  More HuGs!    

Sandi taught me about this blue stability tape for the legs.  Ron (hubby) doesn't know it, but he is definitely getting some.  It's called Kenesio Tape! No, I don't sell it, or get any credit for telling you guys this.  I'm just excited to learn about it.  I can't wait to see how it works for my guy! Thanks, Sandi! 

I could go on for days.  I just love the feeling!  Missed a lot of others but thought of them all.  Thanks Team Leesburg! It's in the Embrace!