Orlando Basic Life Support Classes

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Orlando Basic Life Support Classes

At Review Renew ACLS and aligned American Heart Association Training Site. Classes are available Monday – Friday each week and held in Orlando.  Many people have no idea what goes into Saving Lives.  Amid the emotional outpouring of support for Damar Hamiln, saving a life has been a hot topic.  However, for Healthcare Pro’s who participate in life saving techniques, this is no hot topic.  It is a reality that EMT’s, Nurses, RT’s & Doctors, and other healthcare pro’s face at any given moment.  Therefore, most healthcare employers Mandate CPR Education.  

Basic Life Support

The term Basic Life Support  is often used interchangeably with the word CPR.  However, CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is the work done in an effort to save a life.  Meanwhile, Basic Life Support or BLS refers to the certification course.    This course is recommended for Healthcare providers mainly due to its emphasis on CPR without any emphasis on topics covered in First Aid courses.  Healthcare Pro’s who have formal and ongoing medical training are great candidates for Basic Life Support Classes. Whether it’s a first time or renewal, this course offers an American Heart Association BLS certificate at the end of each class.  

Basic Life Support Class Options

Instructor Led

Our Orlando Basic Life Support Class is held at 771 S. Kirkman Rd. Suite 110 in Orlando, Florida 32811.  This course is Instructor led.  This means you have access to a live AHA Certified Instructor.  The Instructor Led Course is highly recommended for everyone unless you have a corporate mandate to complete HeartCode®. 

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Blended Learning HeartCode®

BLS HeartCode®  is the Online portion of the Basic Life Support class. However, Students completing BLS HeartCode® must also attend an in person skills session. In most cases this comes at an additional cost to students enrolled in BLS HeartCode® HeartCode®Online students will pay twice to gain certification.  Students pay for the online portion and also pay for the Skills session.  To avoid this, we highly recommend the Instructor Led Course.  

For this reason, we recommend the Instructor Led BLS Courses.  Pay once and you’re done! 

What does Basic Life Support Teach

The American Heart Association is the most widely recognized certification when it comes to BLS in this town and around the world.  However, there are many other courses out there.  We won’t discuss those here.  I always advise Health Care Pro’s have and keep up to date an AHA BLS certificate.  The AHA is the curriculum provider and certifying agency for every course taught at Review Renew ACLS.  We do not offer any other agency certificates.  Expect to learn how to recognize life-threatening emergencies, give high-quality chest compressions, deliver appropriate ventilations, use of an AED and choking relief.

Continuing Education Credits

Always check with your Licensing Board to determine if CE credits are available.  When it comes to BLS, the AHA offers CE credits for EMS Students.  

Continuing Education Credits are valuable to License renewals.  Therefore, it is beneficial in two ways for EMS providers.