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BLS Instructor Course


Enroll to become an AHA Instructor.  Our team will support you every step of the way.  Instructor Candidates must complete all steps to obtain an official American Heart Association Instructor’s certificate.

  • Be a Current BLS Provider Submit an unexpired BLS card.*
  • Complete & Submit your Instructor Candidate Application for alignment with an AHA Training Center.
  • Download and Complete Quiz in Student Workbook.
  • Pass the BLS Exam with a score of 92% or Higher.
  • Own a Copy of Provider Manual & Instructor Manual *
  • Complete Online Instructor Essentials Course*
  • Complete Instructor Essentials Exam score with a score of 84% or higher.
  • Get Monitored Presenting & Obtain Equipment within 6months of completing all previous steps.
  • Complete & Submit Course Monitoring Form.


  • Denotes items that will require additional purchases.  This course does not cover the cost of Course Supplies & Equipment. Initial investment costs can vary.

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