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HeartCode® PALS Online


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Course Learning Objectives:
After successfully completing‐ the HeartCode PALS Online Course, students should be able to:

  • Perform high quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) per AHA basic life support (BLS) recommendations
  • Differentiate between patients who do and do not require immediate intervention
  • Recognize cardiopulmonary arrest early and begin CPR within 10 seconds
  • Apply team dynamics
  • Differentiate between and perform early interventions for respiratory distress and failure
  • Differentiate between compensated and decompensated (hypotensive) shock
  • Perform early interventions for the treatment of shock
  • Differentiate between unstable and stable patients with arrhythmias
  • Describe clinical characteristics of instability in patients with arrhythmias
  • Implement post–cardiac arrest management

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HeartCode®  PALS Online

This is your American Heart Association trademark online course.  Heartcode PALS Online is a unique Blended Learning opportunity that allows students to complete PALS Online portion and attend a skills session in class.  Successful completion of the online portion will remit a Certificate of Completion.  Bring your certificate to class on Course Day.

Skills Sessions Offered By Review Renew ACLS is $75  Schedule your skills session here! 

Successful completion of the PALS Online Portion and your skills session is exactly what you need to obtain your ECard. Review Renew ACLS offer ECards.  We are highly successful issuing E cards the same day of class. In some cases technical difficulties can interfere.  The AHA recommend a 7 day certificate delivery.



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