Question of the Day First Degree Heart Block vs. Third Degree Heart Block

Question of the Day! 

What is the Difference between First Degree Heart Block and Third Degree Heart Block!

Without failure, everyday I learn something.  Today it was an Awesome nurse from none other than Downtown Orlando Health who posed the question.  Question: What is the difference between 1st Degree Heart Block and 3rd Degree Heart Block?  You guys... I've done a complete video on blocks. Without failure, a question would pop up in class that definitely could have been included in the video.  

 Answer: The difference between First Degree Heart Block and Third Degree Heart Block is with First Degree there is a P wave for every QRS.  With Third Degree Heart Block there are more P waves than QRS's.  Thanks Merk Manual!  

Ultimately, when it comes to the heart.  Not all hearts block!  Thanks to the Merk Manual... See the Miraculous Heart Conduction Below! 


Miraculous Heart Conduction - First it starts with the SA node. After this, there is Atrial contraction.  An electrical Impulse travels to the Atrioventricular Node (AV Node) then to the Bundle of HIS.  Keep in mind, the Bundle of HIS separates into a Right and Left Bundle Branch.  This is the meeting of the Ventricles.  Lets' give it up for those Ventricles.  As the impulse moves through the ventricles we are blessed with Ventricular Contraction.  It is this Awesome Action that sends blood to our Lungs and Body!! Miraculous stuff Happening Every Second of our Life! 

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