Teach Life Support

How to become an AHA Instructor


Candidate Application

Instructor Candidates must complete the candidate application before getting approval to Teach Life Support.  Be prepared to make a commitment, get verified and align with a Training Center.  After an Application is approved Candidates may enroll in an Instructor Course.  


Instructor Course 

All Instructor courses include the Provider and the Instructor course work.  Provider Manuals and Instructor Manuals are provided.  Courses are offered in BLS, ACLS, and PALS.    

Learn to Teach Life Support and everything you need to become an AHA Instructor.  


Exit Audition

Bring together everything you've learned.  Successfully demonstrate delivery your AHA course.  From Course Prep to processing cards, students must be confident with AHA Content Delivery to become certified to Teach Life Support.    

Instructor Qualities


The AHA doesn't require you to have any Health Care experience to teach life support.  However Review Renew ACLS Instructors must have at least 5 years of Health Care Experience to Join our Team.  An ideal candidate works in Health Care on a continuous basis.   


Organizational skills is a work in progress for anyone.  However there are certain benchmarks that must be met. Joining Reveiw Renew ACLS team of Instructors gives you clear pathways to operate with AHA Compliance.   

card distribution changes


Above all, becoming a Review Renew ACLS Instructor means operating with Integrity.  Show up when we say we will.  Give what we said we would.  Do what we knew we could.  

Launch Options

The way you decide to operate is your choice! 

Review Renew Instructor

  • Part of a Team  
  • Access to a Classroom
  • Equipment Resources
  • Compliance & Business Support
  • Growth Nurturing
  • Reduced over all Expenses
  • $155 per course (BLS, ACLS, PALS)

On your Own!

  •  Swing Solo 
  • Find your own space
  • Purchase your own Equipment
  • Build your own Support System
  • Self Nurturing
  • Cover all your own Expenses
  • $355 per course (BLS, ACLS, PALS)

Either way,  you become partners within the AHA Network.  Review Renew Instructors become part of a team that is fortified with support to ensure your Journey is full of enriching opportunities to excel. 

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