Thanks to Friends at Leesburg Regional

A Special Thanks to Traci MaQuoid

and Leesburg Friends

Traci MaCquoid your'e an ACE!

Once in a while, you meet people and you just clique!  This is exactly what happened when I met Traci MaQuoid at Orlando Regional some years ago!  We hit it off in the ICU.  I’ll write about it sometime later because it really is a special story!   Today, I just want to give her a special shout out from Review Renew ACLS because she continues to give this little business inspiration and push!

People ask me all of the time,  Why do you do this when all of the hospitals provide Life Support for free?  I can’t tell you enough that it’s been Traci to remind me that it’s a good service. Her constant positive vibe is hydration!  After going out to certify her and members of her team at Leesburg Regional, I’m revamped and ready to keep pushing.

Beyond the opportunity to work with their team, I found another home, should I need to click my heels.  It felt amazing to have everyone welcome me with such ease and realness, especially Troy! A great leader recognizes talent… Troy “way to recognize Traci” you’re a great leader!  Traci, thanks for opening the doors! You’re an ACE!

We do it...

Because it's nice!

Teaching life support courses is just nice.  We get to interact with peer professionals, provide a valuable product and create tax deductions!

If the hospitals could service everyone, the American Heart Association wouldn’t need other instructors.  I am happy running a certification company.  Like some people sell Mary Kay, we keep everyone compliant!

People contact Review Renew ACLS all of the time. Our classes are chill!  You can wear jeans, t-shirts.. whatever…as long as you are comfortable performing resuscitation skills.  Enroll in one of our courses today!