AHA Certifications

Student Highlight:

  • Buddies Knocked it down together! 
  • E Cards
    Issued the Same Day  
  • AHA Guidelines Followed
    Passed the First Time! 

Two buddies showed up today to renew their PALS certification.  It was clear, they are pros.  It wasn’t long before I discovered they were cut from the same cloth.  It turns out, they are from Orlando Health! Just like me.  I was like….”WHAT?”  You guys are my people.  After name dropping and head nodding, it was clear…I was in good company. 

So today was good.  Ladies and I knock it down with that Orlando Health Swag.  Diligent, yet Sensible on task until the job is done!

We knocked it down! See you in 2 years ladies! 

Certified Life Savers!

We are lucky to provide our link in the chain of survival throughout the Community.  Our students occupy vital roles within Healthcare and Education.  When it comes to strengthening the link...our students are real certified life savers! 

Andrew Chapman




creative director

maria harris

ui/ux designer

james holsz

business analyst