April 26


Today in Class

PALS Certifications

Student Highlight:

  • Buddies Knocked it down together! 
  • E Cards
    Issued the Same Day  
  • AHA Guidelines Followed
    Passed the First Time! 

Two buddies showed up today to renew their PALS certification.  It was clear, they are pros.  It wasn’t long before I discovered they were cut from the same cloth.  It turns out, they are from Orlando Health! Just like me.  I was like….”WHAT?”  You guys are my people.  After name dropping and head nodding, it was clear…I was in good company. 

So today was good.  Ladies and I knock it down with that Orlando Health Swag.  Diligent, yet Sensible on task until the job is done!

We knocked it down! See you in 2 years ladies! 

April 26, 2021

Only Kind Discussions Welcomed! 


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