December 6

Train the Trainer!


Headed to train the Trainer!

It’s Train the Trainer for Review Renew ACLS. That means classes are on pause. If you need to schedule a course check out next week. We will be back.

2020 Updates are out!

Although it’s difficult to pull away, there a great things to come from this. The 2020 AHA updates are out. That means, we will get a clear picture of rationale, for the changes. Of course, I’ll break it down for you.

Get The Highlights

Currently, Highlights are posted already. I shared that with you guys in this post. Read, Share and ask me anything regarding Updates! Super big deal you can download my copy of the updates for Free! So be sure to check it out.

Safe Travels

For now, wish me safe travels as I ride down to Tampa. Again, it’s a week long thing. So, bye for now. I’ll see you in the updated class!


train the trainer

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